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Wills & Trusts Attorney


Protecting Your Rights, Preserving Your Interests.


It is a difficult thing to make decisions about what will happen to your home, assets, and personal possessions after your passing. By making these decisions now, you can avoid the issues that arise from getting the courts involved in deciding how everything gets split up. With our knowledge, you can help to ensure that your wishes are carried out in accordance with how you had intended them to be.  


Gun Trusts are becoming increasingly popular with firearm enthusiasts. As a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment rights, it is no surprise that Greg Wilson is keeping up with the changes in the Federal firearms laws to help you preserve your right to own, use and transfer your firearms lawfully to your heirs. If you want the peace of mind in knowing that your firearms will lawfully be handed down to your children, grandchildren and beyond, let Greg Wilson create a Gun Trust tailored to you.  


We are experienced, dedicated, and focused to help with all of your estate needs such as:   


• Drafting a will

• Creating a living trust

• Creating business, education, retirement, and gun trusts

• Drawing up health care and general powers of attorney


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"I've known Greg Wilson for more than 20 years. I've worked criminal investigations and worked criminal cases with Greg Wilson as he served as Chief Assistant State Attorney for the State Attorney's office. Greg Wilson is a man of calm and experience."

~ Mike Jones, Panama City, FL