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‘It’s The Law’ by Greg Wilson- ‘When Should I Consult An Att

August 3, 2017


There are rules and regulations everywhere you look, and it’s important to be cognizant of the law.  As they say, ‘Ignorance of the law is no excuse’, and a number of laws are important to know and understand.

In this series of articles, we will be explaining some of the laws with which you should probably be familiar, and today we will address the very basic question of ‘When Should I Consult An Attorney?’.

Some legal matters require filing simple forms or paperwork, in which case you can sometimes take care of the matter without the help of an attorney.

No one can argue, however, that there are times when it may be necessary, if not highly advisable, to consult a qualified local attorney to handle a legal matter.

Legal situations requiring intensive litigation, negotiation or frequent and complex court proceedings are instances in which you should consult an attorney.

Criminal matters are typically best handled through an attorney and usually cannot be resolved simply with the filing of legal forms, and representing one’s self in a personal injury or medical malpractice case may be ill advised.

Complex business transactions or matters involving the IRS may call for the advice of an attorney.

Further, if an individual has any questions concerning the proper procedure for any type of legal matter or transaction, is unsure the steps that must be followed to achieve a specific legal goal, or has any difficulty in understanding directions or completing legal forms, then those persons should seek the advice of a qualified local attorney.

Self-representation makes sense at times, but let common sense prevail and don’t let anger, stubbornness or trying to save money cloud your judgement when important legal matters can have long term effects.  Weigh all of your options carefully, then decide if you should represent yourself or if you should find an attorney.

This series is not meant to constitute legal advice, and you should always consult an attorney when in doubt, when making life-changing legal decisions or when accused of a crime.  If you have a suggestion for an article, please submit your idea in email to greg@gregwilsonlaw.net.

Greg Wilson is an attorney practicing law in the greater Panama City, Florida area, with offices in Marianna, Chipley, Bonifay, Blountstown and Panama City.  For more information please call Greg Wilson at 850-600-7088.


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